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Tweet, Tweeter, Twittering, Twhat was that?

Recently I create a fresh new Twitter account (follow me @Clarice_v_Chimo ) as part of my “spring cleaning” frenzy. Last year I start out as the typical college student tweeting random jokes my close followers could relate too, college problems I ran into daily, and of course those ridiculous complaints on nasty rainy days. But what if I started using Twitter as both a therapeutic venting method AND an intellectual inspiration? That’s when a genius idea formed in my mind……….keep reading- I promise it has benefits!

To start- what is the correct way to Tweet? Comment below with your thoughts, because I really haven’t discovered a wrong way! Obviously there’s the social mannerisms of not tweeting negative gossip that could land you in trouble, or copying other people’s tweets instead of re-tweeting. But there really is no clear cut direction on how to use hash tags, re-tweets, or your 160 characters. It’s all about being creative, writing what you want to express and hoping someone else will relate to you. Right? Yes and no. That is correct, but no because it is not just centered on naive opinions.

The power of a tweet.
Once that tweet is sent flying into the world it creates a change in society, a slight nudge if you will, that you may not even notice since it can fly around the world in one second. But from one person reading a single tweet that took no thought to type out- they can change their perspective and role in society. Last year there was a school shooting at Charon High School in Ohio, and how did the news reach external families and friends? Through a tweet! As several people received word on the shooting they retweeted the news to spread on to their followers, and then their followers, and then their followers. Within twenty minutes people across the country had heard about the shooting before other adults even within 50 miles of Chardon.

The power of a tweet. The people on Twitter went from being unknowing about the little Chardon suburb, to becoming reporters spreading the news. They nudged society to notice another school shooting and acknowledge that prayers and help were needed. Both positive and negative tweets can shape our society as a whole. Within a few seconds people with a great idea will interact with others that are interested or can help, then spring board it back for followers to reply to. Ideas have no limits flying through the air today.

My Tuesday Afternoon Idea:

So back to this idea that came during spring cleaning. Since Twitter is now taking over hours of society’s life — what if we use those 160 characters to inspire intelligence, correct grammar, education and new ideas back into young generations? I’m not saying “Let’s make Twitter a boring newspaper” but simply try tweeting in a different way. Here’s what I resolve to do over the next few weeks to see if other people will catch on and join me:

  • Use correct grammar/spelling. That doesn’t mean I can’t use fragments to fit in 160 characters- but at least try to fit all correct spellings in! Fight against the their/there/they’re and your/you’re war! Inspire people to finally get it write! (haha.)
  • Include Tweets about news/educational topics. Your followers might not have heard that top story yet- you know, the one that angered you or made you giggle in your cubicle. Share it and start opinions going!
  • Encourage feminism & inclusion. Don’t tweet about your long armpit hair… just double check that your tweets are not offensive to ANY type of human. Help the young generation remember that not all social media of reality tv, celeb gossip and rap songs have to be about putting down women and other races.Be inclusive.
  • Use corny jokes. We don’t like to admit it, but yes, kindergarten level jokes can still be hilarious. Brighten your followers’ day by including them randomly just make sure they aren’t offensive. 😉
  • Be inspired. Just because a person in your feed has already tweeted about the EXACT same thing you wanted to tweet (this happens between close-knit acquaintances especially in college), doesn’t mean you can’t still express yourself. Use their tweets to inspire your own! Use more creative wording, include different tags, tell it from a different perspective etc.

TWEET Tuesday & Thursday
From now on, every Tuesday and Thursday I will search through my feed and mind (after some boring college classes) to find an inspirational tweet. From that I will blog my opinion, how it stands in society, a related poem or maybe joke…. whatever. Feel free to join me in this idea- comment your inspirational ideas or links to your Twitter profile! 🙂



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